Resale Guidelines

Resale: How it Works

Please call us at 262-635-8888 to make an appointment to bring your items in. We will ask about the brand names of the items that you have.

Typically, you will drop off your items. After we have gone through your items, we will call you with a total price for the pieces we are interested in purchasing and you can accept or decline.

Next, you may come in to receive your receipt and check. If you have any “no thank you” items, you may pick them up at the same time. You must pick up the “no thank you” pieces within 24-48 hours after we call you!! If you take longer than 7 days to retrieve them, they will be donated. We do not have space to store your items.

Guidelines for Clothing

  • We ask that all your items are off hangers (some exceptions for special dresses, etc.) and neatly folded in laundry baskets or bins, which are highly preferred over bags. All clothing should be no more than 2 years old.
  • All items MUST be freshly cleaned, free from odors (no perfume, SMOKE, mothballs) animal hair, pilling, deodorant marks, fading, and holes. All items must look NEW.
  • Items we DO NOT accept: suits, pajamas, underwear, and swimsuits.

Guidelines for Purses and Accessories

  • Designer handbags must be authentic….absolutely no faux/fakes or copies will be accepted.
  • Please clean the inside of the handbags. Bags with stains will not be accepted. Bags should not have scuffs or scrapes.

Guidelines for Shoes and Boots

  • Shoes and boots must be clean on the inside and out. The soles and heels should also be clean and in very good condition.
  • Shoes and boots should not have scuffs and scrapes.